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ING Banking No More, Introducing Capital One 360

Capital One 360 Checking Review – Conversion from ING Direct In February 2012 Capital One announced it would take over the U.S. operations of ING Direct, which functioned as an international subsidiary of ING Group, a Dutch banking corporation. This fallout was presented in the media as a corporate buyout but it really came about […]

Malaysian Banks Seek To Bolster Online Banking Security Measures

 Guest Post By: Abdullah Omar – Asian Bank Reports After many years of online banking fraud on the increase in Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia Assistant Governor Abu Hassan Alshari Yahya has announced on January 15, 2013 that it now on the decline. This is attributed to security awareness promoted in the country. The Association of […]

Big Changes Coming To the Online Banking Experience in 2013

As the growth of online banking continues virtually unabated, account holders should expect to see major changes in 2013 and beyond with regard to how their banks react to ongoing issues in the field of Internet banking. The issues range from customer service to security and from dealing with reduced physical branches to simplifying technological […]

Online Banking and the Mobile Revolution

Online banking is leaving the desktop behind, period. As more and more people use their mobile devices for banking, online banks benefit from having mobile-friendly websites and easy-to-use applications for banking customers who are in a hurry. Cross selling to mobile-access customers remains a challenge for online banking. Looking ahead, ads will be easier to […]

Online Savings Accounts Explained And What To Look For

Naturally, when you decide you want to open a savings account with an online bank, you’re going to want one that will give you the same attention and guidance your old bank did. But at first, the thought scares you. The Internet seems like an endless abyss where money goes and never comes back – […]

Don’t Fear Online Banking, It’s Here To Save Us Money!

So you’ve decided to open an online bank account, but putting your money on the Internet worries you. All you can think of are the millions of dollars wasted a year on the excesses of shopaholics and online gaming addicts. Those concerns are valid, but you shouldn’t be too quick to write off online banking […]

No Minimum Balance Online Bank Accounts

So, you want to open an online bank account, but you don’t have a ton of money lying around to deposit right off the bat. As a result, you’ve decided that you really need a bank that doesn’t require you to have a minimum balance to open an account. Fortunately for you, there are several […]

On August 7th Wells Fargo Is Going To Kill Two Birds By Shooting…

On August 7th Wells Fargo Is Going To Kill Two Birds, By Shooting “Free Checking Accounts” In The Head And Itself In The Foot Wells Fargo bank, one of the most reputable and healthy banks in the US has announced that starting August 7th all essential checking account holders will pay, oh this is cute, […]

Top Online Bank Account Offers

Spending time at the local bank standing in line does not have to be part of life. Most Americas try to squeeze their banking in on lunch hours, early Saturday mornings, or right before the end of the business day. Local banks do not always offer their clients the most up to date tools for […]

Advantages to Using Online Banking

Online banking has emerged and has become the default option for many bank customers. What used to be a trend is now the way that most consumers handle their bank transactions. There are many advantages to online banking, and customers have come to depend on online banking as a convenient way to manage their finances. […]